About Us

Welcome to Candle ARt Perthshire

Here we share a great love for the art of candle work. We are a Scottish based business and has been hand making candles for the past 4 years. Our candles are perfect for all types of venues, occasions and will light up your home and give it a unique warm ambience.

Our love of colour, scents and textures blend together to give an amazing artistic platform........ Our candles not only illuminate a room but provide a piece of affordable artwork.

We have always painted, water colour, acrylics, more recently inks and encaustic wax. Our candles are bold in colour they mix being practical with being inspirational.
We are however, very aware that fragrance is not for everyone.

Candles evolve just in the same way a chef puts ingredients together. Sometimes we have to catch our breath when we see and feel the candle in our hands whiles making them. Every candle is a mini adventure. We do hope you will enjoy our work as much as we have enjoyed making it! 

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